Beanies Coffee Review 2022 – Full Flavour & Taste Test From UK

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Launched from the home garage of Mark Porteous in 2009, Beanies Flavour Co state that they are committed to innovation, and are keen to bring the biggest and boldest flavours to your mug. We wanted to put this to the test and see if it really is possible for instant coffee to taste great – and so we did, and the results are in as part of our Beanies Coffee review right here.

The company has grown over the years, and now offers a wide range of products, which are available in more than thirty countries across the globe. You can treat yourself to syrups, shakes, and a variety of coffee flavours including Irish cream, Amaretto Almond, and Chocolate Orange, to name but three – is your mouth watering yet?

Beanies claim to offer coffee that’s competitively priced and lovingly made. More than just standard instant coffee, the granules supposedly pack a punch of flavour and are designed to provide you with a coffee shop experience (think coffee with flavoured syrup added) in the comfort of your own home.

You can choose from whole coffee beans (coffee connoisseurs step this way) or all-in-one sachets containing powdered milk and coffee – great when you need a quick coffee fix – simply add boiling water and you’re good to go.

After doing my homework and finding out more about Beanies Flavour Co I set about deciding which flavours to try (there are 38 to choose from, so that was no easy task)! But before I share my findings, let’s delve a little deeper into the difference between instant coffee and ground.

Beanies Instant Coffee Vs. Ground Coffee

Beanies Flavoured Instant Coffee. Pick Any 6 Jars from 38+ Blends Inc. Very Vanilla, Creamy Caramel, Nutty Hazelnut and Many More We’ve all heard of the benefits associated with drinking coffee, such as its ability to boost brainpower, increase energy levels, and pick you up when you’re feeling low. Coffee has also been linked to reducing the risk of contracting cancer, suffering from a stroke, and developing Parkinson’s disease. I’m heartened to know that a cup or three of the dark stuff not only tastes nice but is also doing me the world of good!

Whilst most of us agree that coffee tastes lush, and does us good, there is one issue that divides the masses, which is best – instant or ground? Coffee aficionados might scowl at the thought of a jar of instant, insisting that it is not (and never will be) proper coffee. However, not all instant is evil! In fact, good quality instant coffee has a lot going for it.

For a start let’s factor in the time difference. To make a lovely brew using ground coffee takes effort, and time we sometimes just don’t have. Instant coffee is speedy and easy – simply measure out the granules add boiling water, stir and drink. A caffeine boost minus the fuss.

So that’s a tick in the box for less prep, and we can also celebrate the fact that instant equals less mess. You don’t have to pull out all sorts of fancy Nancy equipment to make instant coffee, so there’s nothing to clean afterward. We also like the fact that there’s no waste e.g., no used coffee granules, to get rid of either.

Cost-wise, instant comes out on top too. You don’t need to buy any specialist equipment (just a kettle will do) and instant is generally cheaper than the ground variety.

Coffee buffs may tell you that they are happy to pay more for a superior product (and ground coffee does tend to trump instant in terms of taste), but let us remember that instant can be tasty too.

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Beanies Coffee Taste Test

Beanies Flavoured Instant Coffee. Pick Any 6 Jars from 38+ Blends Inc. Very Vanilla, Creamy Caramel, Nutty Hazelnut and Many More So how tasty is Beanies Coffee? I simply had to find out (it’s a tough job, but someone had to do it). With so many varieties available I certainly wasn’t short on choice. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I do enjoy flavoured coffee, but experience has led me to the conclusion that too much flavour can overpower the coffee itself. That said, if the flavouring is too subtle, it can be hard to distinguish the aroma and taste. Hard to please? Me? Well, maybe a bit…

In the end, I opted for one of the most popular flavours, Irish cream. I am a fan of the creamy liquor (and Ireland), so this seemed to be an apt choice.

Of course, there’s no alcohol in the Beanies Irish Cream coffee, but the beverage lived up to its name – very creamy indeed. Velvety smooth, with more than a smack of sweetness, the brown sugar, and cream flavour sat nicely on my tongue.

At just two calories a cup this drink won’t put pressure on my waistline, and I also discovered that the coffee is gluten, wheat, and dairy-free. If you add to this to the fact the coffee is decaffeinated, sugar-free, nut-free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, you end up with a coffee that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. I enjoyed drinking this as is, but you could top it up with a cheeky tipple or even add it to a dessert for extra punch.

The Best Flavours Of Beanies Coffee

Beanies Flavoured Instant Coffee. Pick Any 6 Jars from 38+ Blends Inc. Very Vanilla, Creamy Caramel, Nutty Hazelnut and Many More With so much choice on the flavour front, I decided there was no time to rest on my laurels, so I finished my Irish Cream coffee and then tried out a few more, including Cookie Dough, Very Vanilla, Cappuccino (Barista range), decaf Amaretto Almond and a one from the Beanies+ range – Cherry Chocolate. I’ll tell you about those a little later. Tempting as it was to try them all, I reasoned sampling all 38 varieties would be a bit of a stretch (even for me).

Just for the record the roasts are medium and the flavours are as follows (deep breath): Amaretto Almond, Caramel Popcorn, Chocolate Orange, Cinder Toffee, Cinnamon & Hazelnut, Coconut Delight, Cookie Dough, Creamy Caramel, Double Chocolate, Gingerbread, Irish Cream, Mint Chocolate, Nutty Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, Very Vanilla, Sweet Cinnamon, White Chocolate and Raspberry, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Maple Fudge, Turkish Delight, Birthday Cake, Cherry Chocolate, Jaffa Cake, and Cherry Bakewell.

On top of that, there’s the Barista range made up of Americano, Cappuccino, Chai Latte, and Mocha. There’s also a range of decaf coffees in the following flavours: Amaretto Almond, Chocolate Orange, Cookie Dough, Creamy Caramel, Irish Cream, and Mint Chocolate. As if that’s not enough, there’s a range of speciality coffees too featuring scrumptious flavours including Hot Cross Bun, Mince Pie, Mulled Wine, and Christmas Pudding.

If you’re a health-conscious sort how about trying out BEANIES+ Coffee With Additional ‘Wellbean’? This is billed as premium flavour instant coffee with added Vitamin D. so you get all of the Beanies goodness, fortified with a dose of the beneficial sunshine vitamin. Choose from Apple Cinnamon or Cherry Chocolate, and enjoy a great tasting coffee with an additional health kick.

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Earlier I mentioned I tried out five more of the flavours myself, here’s the lowdown:

Cookie Dough

I have a sweet tooth, so had a feeling this one would satisfy my syrupy sensors. Thankfully, the Cookie Dough coffee has a sweetness that doesn’t disappoint. Satisfying and reminiscent of my favourite ice-cream, I drank this way too fast and had to go in for seconds!

Very Vanilla

Classic and versatile, vanilla is seen as a bit of a people pleaser of a flavour, and Very Vanilla certainly made me smile. I enjoyed the sweetness and silkiness of this coffee. I can imagine this being poured over a bowl of ice cream for an added flourish, or even baked into a cake. Deliciously comforting.

Best Flavours

I do enjoy a cappuccino, but there’s nothing more disappointing than a half-hearted attempt at one. Although missing its frothy crown, I enjoyed this coffee never the less. Best described as rich, creamy, and smooth, I would happily sit and sip this whilst whiling away an afternoon.

Amaretto Almond (Decaffeinated Range)

If you prefer your coffee decaf, this one might be for you. I sipped this and immediately picked up a tang of marzipan liquor. There’s no booze in it or sugar for that matter, but the unmistakable sweetness and subtle nuttiness shone through. Pleasing and rather indulgent.

Cherry Chocolate (Beanies+ Range)

With the added bonus of Vitamin D (needed to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body and to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy), this could be described as sunshine in a cup. I’m not sure what sunshine tastes like, but I think this might be close. The smooth chocolate and fruity kick of cherry proved to be a winning combination. Nice and strong with more than enough flavour to titillate my taste buds.

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Beanies Coffee Gets a Thumbs Up

If variety is the spice of life, Beanies have this whole coffee lark sussed. I tried just six of the flavours on offer and am very keen to work my way through the others. Instant coffee has a bit of a shoddy reputation and can taste bitter and synthetic, but the Beanies range is well-thought-out and made with lots of TLC.

The jars are 50g, and you can order a pack of six (allowing you to try a few different flavours out). Beanies Flavour Co Coffee isn’t the cheapest brand on the block, but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for! In this case, that seems to equate to good quality coffee with plenty of flavour. Why not treat yourself to a selection and give Beanies Coffee a try for yourself?

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