The 8 Best Hyaluronic Acid Supplements (2022) Reviewed and

Hyaluronic Acid (HLA) is a naturally occurring substance in our eyes, joints, skin, and other tissues.

However, Hyaluronic acid declines by up to 50% by age 50. That’s why it’s used for all kinds of common ailments, from general skin care and targeting wrinkles, to helping achy joints.

HLA injections are even FDA-approved for certain conditions, like cataracts and osteoarthritis.

Today we’re not talking about injections, we’re talking about how supplementing with HLA can provide similar benefits, and the best oral HLA products on the market.

What Are the Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Supplementation?

HLA has wide-ranging benefits that have strong evidence through oral supplementation.

Improves wrinkles and skin health through skin hydration

HLA is a fluid that encourages overall hydration because it’s a “humectant,” which is a fancy word for a substance that retains moisture. In fact, this study found that it can bind over 6000 times its weight in water.

When we say that somebody’s skin looks “dried up,” it turns out that’s what’s literally happening. And when it comes to skin, more than 50% of our body’s HLA is in skin, according to this study.

It improves skin health by encouraging hydration. This can be especially useful if you smoke or have spent a lot of time in the sun.

This study found that ultraviolet radiation, tobacco, and pollution decrease the amount of hyaluronic acid you have in your skin.

HLA Can Reduce Joint Pain and May Improve Osteoarthritis

Similarly, joints need lubrication to function properly, and because of HLA’s hydrating capacities, it supports joints. Several studies have shown that oral HLA supplementation improves symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Even a long-term, 7-year study showed that HLA helped treat knee pain symptoms, reduced inflammation, and improved knee strength.

For joint health, it’s a low-risk option with potential upside.

May Extend Lifespan

Indirectly, we know that more hydrated eyes, skin, and joints are a win for everything, including how long you live and how you feel.

However, hyaluronic acid may increase lifespan more directly. That’s because HLA contains acetyl-glucosamine, which has extended the lifespan in animals, as this study in the prestigious journal, Cell, highlights.

The theory behind this is that acetyl-glucosamine can reduce protein accumulations, which is a driver of the aging process (and why you’ll hear about interventions like reducing protein intake and limiting mTOR activation in longevity discussions.)

While the research is still early, hyaluronic acid may be a helpful anti-aging supplement.

Safe to Use Long-Term

When supplements sound too good to be true, often it seems that something must be off.

There are a few empty promises, which we’ll talk about next, but when it comes to safety, there don’t appear to be any risks as long as you take normal doses.

A 12-month-long study found it to be totally safe when participants took 200mg per day, every day.

The only side effects in studies show up when HLA is injected, not when it’s taken orally as a supplement.

HLA Supplements Aren’t Created Equal

With all of this said, not all HLA supplements are of the same quality and purity. In fact, one of the biggest problems with HLA supplementation is its absorption. So we highlight products that address this bioavailability problem at the top of our list.

There’s a reason most of the research on HLA is in injections: it’s generally more effective. We can improve the effectiveness though, by finding more bioavailable products.

Second, the supplement industry in general is full of crap, since it’s not regulated by the Food and Drug Association. We’ve only included products on our list that are third-party tested, and included higher-up companies that go above and beyond the standard purity practices to ensure quality and safety.

*Note: We do have affiliate links throughout this article, which means we receive a commission if you purchase from any of our links. This supports our mission to bring complicated health and fitness info in an entertaining package. And it keeps us from putting up annoying things like banner ads. Those suck.

Without further ado, here are the best hyaluronic acid supplements of 2022.

1) Renue by Science LIPO HLA

renue by science liposomal hyaluronic acid

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As we mentioned, HLA typically has low absorption, or bioavailability. Because of the stomach acid and the GI tract, HLA has a tough road to the skin and joints.

Studies have reported HLA’s poor bioavailability, like this 2014 study.

Renue’s HLA is protected in a liposomal layer, which improves bioavailability and absorption.

Basically, the HLA molecules are protected by lipid membranes that protect it as it goes through the GI tract.

In fact, research on all kinds of liposomal supplements has shown it increases bioavailability across the board.

Because of this, it’s almost no competition with other HLA supplements.

Every bottle of Renue’s LIPO HLA has 90 capsules with 150mg of HLA per capsule. Each bottle is just under $50, but you can use our discount code to get 10%.

As you’ll see from other products, this is still a really good deal and a clinically-effective dose. For the quality and enhanced absorption, it’s the best deal on the market.

Finally, Renue has some of the strictest purity standards in the industry. All of their products are produced in an FDA-approved facility (rare for supplement companies), and they even post the lab results of every single batch on their website.

In terms of quality, purity, effectiveness, and still a great value, Renue definitely has the best HLA supplement on the market.

Using our link you can get 10% off Renue LIPO HLA off.

LIPO HLA is also plant-based, so it’s suitable for vegans. This comes in contrast to many of the other products. It contains no fillers or other crap. In terms of a high-quality HLA, you won’t beat it.

2) Codeage Multi-Collagen Peptides Powder Platinum

codeage multi collagen peptides HLA

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Every scoop of Codeage’s Mult-Collagen Peptides contains 120mg of HLA.

Collagen peptides have their own benefits, particularly for joint health, skin health, and overall protein repair. They’re a class of proteins that are abundant in joints and skin, which is why collagen supplements commonly contain HLA.

This product has a great dose of collagen and an effective dose of HLA. This product also contains biotin, which is another popular ingredient for skin and hair health, and vitamin C, D, and B6.

Whether your care is skin care or joint health, Codeage’s product can be an all-in-one supplement for you.

It’s not a capsule. It comes in 10-gram scoops. Like most collagen products, it’s unflavored and made to be thrown into a coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, or protein shakes.

With 30 scoops for $38 it’s a good value, especially for how packed with ingredients it is. If you’re looking specifically for HLA, I’d look elsewhere.

Codeage is a fantastic company when it comes to purity and testing standards. They’re third-party tested and cGMP certified. This product is Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and contains nothing artificial.

3) Double Wood Supplements Hyaluronic Acid

double wood HLA

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Double Wood Supplements has a great product if you’re looking for a simple, affordable option without any fluff.

Each bottle contains 180 capsules with 100mg of HLA for just $20.

Double Wood is high on our list for a combination of value and quality. They also display the test results of every batch on their website, in addition to being third-party, cGMP-certified.

You can also get $15 off purchases of $100 or more at Double Wood with the code, HEALTH 15 and by using this link.

4) NOW Foods Hyaluronic Acid

NOW foods HLA

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This is another simple product from a super reputable company. If you’ve ever been in a pharmacy or vitamin shop, you’ve probably seen NOW Foods products. All of their products are third-party tested and GMP-approved.

It also contains MSM (methylsulphonylmethane), which is another important ingredient in healthy joints and bones.

Their product allows you to start with a smaller dose. Each capsule has 50mg of HLA. You can get 60 capsules for under $9, or 120 capsules for under $16.

On a per-gram basis, it’s not as good of a deal as Double Wood, but you have the flexibility of a smaller dose, fewer capsules, and MSM for extra joint support.

5) Solgar Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complex

solgar HLA complex

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Solgar’s Collagen and HLA combined product 120mg of HLA per tablet along with a gram of various collagen products and vitamin C. Again, I like the idea of combining the two supplements because collagen can also help with skin and joint health.

Topical vitamin C we know is popular for skin health, but as a supplement, we don’t have much research that it can benefit skin and joint health.

Each bottle comes with 30 tablets, for under $18. So while you don’t get a ton of servings, it’s relatively inexpensive. Compared to Codeage, it has significantly less collagen, 10 grams compared to 1 gram.

6) NOW Foods Solutions Hydration Rescue

NOW foods hydration rescue

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Every capsule has 60mg of HLA, along with over 100mg of collagen. While that’s a very small dose, there is interesting research on even lower doses of collagen.

Each bottle has 60 capsules for $15.

If you like the idea of collagen, but aren’t ready for full doses or prefer capsules, this could be a good option for you.

7) California Gold Nutrition Hyaluronic Acid Complex

CA gold HLA complex

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This product from California Gold contains 100mg of HLA per capsule, and 60 capsules for $17. On a per capsule basis, it’s a bit off the mark from other brands with equal (or stricter) testing standards like Renue and Double Wood.

It also contains 100mg of L-proline, which supports collagen production.

HLA also displays their lab results and are third-party tested.

8) Jarrow Formulas Hyaluronic Acid, 50 mg

Jarrow Formulas HLA

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Jarrow Formulas has another simple product worth considering. They’re third-party tested and GMP approved.

Each capsule has 50mg of HLA. You can get 60 capsules for under $13 and 120 for just over $22.

It’s not the best value on our list, but it’s still a reputable brand and solid product.

How We Ranked


As we talked about, one of the biggest problems with HLA supplements is whether they actually make it into our skin and joints. That’s why Renue is our #1 choice, and it’s not really close. They use liposomal technology to improve bioavailability.

Extra Ingredients

A lot of HLA products have collagen in them as well, because they both help repair our skin, joints, and more. That’s why a product like Codeage’s collagen complex is high on our list, because it’s a great collagen supplement that also has an effective dose of HLA.

Company Quality and Testing Standards

Every product on our list is cGMP certified. However, some companies even go beyond that, like Renue and Double Wood. We also included companies that are leaders in the health space or have been around for a long time. Good brand reputation, and strict testing are a winning combo.


Of course, cost isn’t everything. So we thought about this more on a cost per gram basis. If two products were basically the same, then the less expensive one was higher on our list. That’s partially why Double Wood is so high, even though the product doesn’t use liposomal technology or contain extra ingredients.


Are There Any Side Effects to Taking HLA?

HLA as a supplement has been found to be safe at doses of 200mg per day over 12 months in this study. That’s a long-term study, too.

Side effects on HLA only show up in studies when they inject it.

For supplements, as long as you’re sticking with a normal dose you’re totally fine.

Is An HLA Oral Supplement More Effective Than a Cream or Serum?

In this article, we have specifically focused on HLA oral supplements. That’s for a few reasons. First, as a fitness website, we’re mostly concerned with health and wellness, rather than skin care.

Oral HLA has the benefit of also supporting joint health. Hyaluronic acid serum and cream won’t be able to lubricate the joints.

It’s impossible to say which one is better, though. Creams and serums have the advantage of targeting certain areas. For example, if you’re taking HLA for wrinkles or fine lines, then a cream that you put on the wrinkles makes more sense than an oral supplement. They’re also, obviously, better for dry skin and skin elasticity. You can also get HLA chapsticks and lip balms.

If you’re taking it for overall health, though, HLA as a dietary supplement has more research and more wide-ranging benefits.

What Other Supplements Support Joint Health?

HLA is not the most popular ingredient for joint support. If that’s your main goal, first make sure you’re doing the basics.

  • Train intelligently
  • Eat protein and vegetables packed with antioxidants
  • See a professional if you have a real problem.

From there, I’d direct your attention to collagen supplements. From there, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are popular joint health supplements.

More on Skin Health

Skin health goes hand-in-hand with longevity and overall health. So if you’re interested in this topic, you can check out similar guides on the best glutathione supplements and the best quercetin supplements.

As always, speak to your healthcare professional before taking any dietary supplements. We’re not doctors, and we don’t play them on the internet.