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Are you one thousand people trying to find real online solutions to know more about The Secrets Of Your Relationship? Do your dream to live the life you deserve filled with wealth and happiness? If answer yes, Then Cosmic Compatibility Profile is the perfect program for you.

Cosmic Compatibility Profile created by Ric and Liz Thompson will change your life forever, This book is proud to deliver some top-notch astrology personality profiles that you will find nowhere else in the entire world. They describe and delineate your (or your partner’s) psychological profile. They tell “something” about your inner Self, who you are, what you want, like, and/or do.

What Is Cosmic Compatibility Profile?

Cosmic Compatibility Profile is a step-by-step comprehensive guide program that is the world’s one and only dating system, Personalized Cosmic Compatibility Profile is a most in-depth report, that may shock some of you because it will reveal VERY much about your (hidden inner) self.

The program is realistic, down-to-earth, and stunningly to the point. This program will use different astrological systems and methods (aspects, planetary configurations, elemental division, Fixed Stars, degree areas, Comedians, and much, much more) and incorporate some Vedic and Chinese astrological principles as well to delineate your chart.

As this program is very in-depth, we recommend that take your time to read and grasp the Profile. The accuracy of our astrology personality profiles may shock some of you. Take your time to think about what we write in this most extensive report. They include all charts that are used to delineate your horoscope in this report. It will take us a full month, starting from the moment we receive your payment to finish this Profile, so please be patient! As all our astrology personality profiles are not computerized, we need this time span to cast and delineate the charts.

Special Information About Cosmic Compatibility Profile:

Cosmic Compatibility Profile Special Thanks to the late Jose Arguelles and his Foundation For Time for creating the Dream spell system that was the basis for the date and sign calculations. The content, in part, has been inspired by it but largely has been put together over the last 15 years of personal research and travel by Ric and Liz Thompson.

The “Inner” energy at the core of your relationship is called the Solar Seal, or the Day Sign. I consider it the soul imprint and spiritual archetype of the foundation of your relationship.

It may not be the first thing people notice about you when you’re together, but it is your combined energies at the deepest level. There are 20 individual Solar Seals, each with unique energy and distinct evolutionary potential with specific positive and challenging aspects.

We’ve only touched on one tiny piece of the Cosmic Energy your relationship was coded with at the moment you and your loved ones met, and there is so much more that makes you sync.

So if you are intrigued by what you’ve learned so far, I’d like to share with you the next pieces of insight that are waiting for you inside your Full Cosmic Compatibility Profile. Based on the 9-Symbol Destiny Oracle above, It’s perfect for people like you who are serious about really showing up in your relationship and fulfilling the Destiny you chose to co-create together.

Here are just a few of the powerful and transformative things that will be revealed in your Cosmic Compatibility Profile…

Each symbol in your combined Destiny Oracle holds an incredibly powerful insight into not only the nature of what your relationship truly is but what to expect in the future because of it!

What You Will Discover From Cosmic Compatibility Profile?

  • Your Guide Sign: This is the 2nd most important sign in the Destiny Oracle and represents the energy that steers your relationship!
  • Your Solar Sign: This Is the Day sign that you’re already familiar with, but a few more insights are revealed about it in the full report as well.
  • Your Occult Sign: also known as “The Seed of What’s coming. You’ll discover what your relationship can be like at its fullest potential. It’s the key to your future, and the subconscious hidden “superpower” that you and your partners activate when you’re together! Once you fully understand what this is and integrate it into your lives, truly magical transformations can happen-in part because you are getting fully aligned with WHY you came together, to begin with!
  • Your Analog Sign: this is the energy that binds the two of you to your collective intuition and your combined spiritual and emotional life.
  • Your Antipode Sign: this energy represents how the two of you act in and interact with, the physical world around you.

Benefits You Will Learn From Cosmic Compatibility Profile:

  • The more you understand the True Nature of your relationship, the more aligned you can be.
  • You’ll overcome challenges and struggles faster and with greater ease, and you and your loved one will get more out of every opportunity that awaits you!
  • We and our researchers in lost knowledge have been plugging away at this system for years translating the ancient, often convoluted, wisdom and symbolism into real-world actionable information for the modern-day. We’ve been working in anticipation of you showing up today…
  • Our programmers have been doing the complex calculations necessary to quickly and accurately create your custom insights based on our researchers’ reports, and our massive servers that live in the cloud are waiting to crank out your Full Cosmic Compatibility Report in the next few minutes (in fact they’re working on it as we speak).
  • Most people will never have the insights you’re about to have into how to co-create with another person… But YOU can…
  • And while, how you USE this powerful information is up to you we’ve set the intention that only those who can be trusted with this knowledge-who will nurture and champion it-could find it here.
  • We ask that you and your partner use it responsibly, ethically, and morally to improve your lives and the lives of those around you.
  • As someone who has found this lost knowledge and is in alignment with the ethical deployment of it for the highest and best good of yourselves and humanity, we’d like to invite you to see “behind the curtain” of your relationship’s energy matrix in a way you’ve never seen before…
  • To go deeper into the hidden cycles and energies than you ever thought possible.
  • To truly understand the workings of time and energy in the Cosmos as they relate to this most intimate of relationships.


  • when you use this ancient knowledge in your daily lives, you are helping to alter the collective consciousness of the planet.
  • You’re literally strengthening the energy that is moving all around us, much like rainfall increases the power of a stream.
  • Using this program, When you’re channeling the collective energies, rather than fighting them or being a “victim” of them, the flow naturally, easily, and comfortably increases.
  • Every relationship is that important, especially yours…
  • 60-day money-back guarantee with absolutely no questions asked.


Cosmic Compatibility Profile is available only here without an internet connection you can’t access it.


I highly recommended Cosmic Compatibility Profile for everyone who dreams to change his life for the better, It’s enough to know that you are actively involved and making the investment in your relationship, it helps us all move forward to a better tomorrow.

With this program, You’ll receive your Full Cosmic Compatibility Report within minutes, and we want you to take your time to really absorb it. Sit with it for up to sixty days-Your partner too. If you find that it’s too mind-blowing, or if for any other reason you don’t want these powerful insights, simply let us know and we’ll refund your money. No questions, no hassle.

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