Etude Play Color Eyes Leather Shop Palette Review + Swatches

Bakehouse but make it warm.

Soon after I got my hands on the Etude Play Color Eyes Bakehouse palette, Etude released another brown tone 10-pan palette. This time, instead of the soft, light neutrals of Bakehouse, Leather Shop explores more of the yellow-orange spectrum of brown. I knew I had to get my hands on this after trying out the lovely Bakehouse palette, and I placed an order for it in my latest Jolse haul. As mentioned in that post, Jolse gave me $60 in store credit to purchase any products of my own choosing to share on my blog. I was not financially compensated in any other way, and all opinions regarding this product are my own.

Taking a look at the packaging, the textured print on the packaging is a subtle yet clever touch to this Leather Shop palette. You can already tell from the color of the packaging that this palette is going to be full of beautiful, rich, warm browns. I really like the Etude Play Color Eyes 10-pan palettes because they are very lightweight and compact. I’m always torn between trying to minimalize my makeup collection and indulging in my love for makeup, so I love these palettes because they don’t take up much space. Between you and me, these palettes are the perfect size to where I don’t feel guilty about adding more to my collection!

I don’t know about you, but I can never get enough of these cute shade name icons on the plastic insert of the palette. I wish the icons were included on the back or somewhere I can view without hindering convenience and ease of access to the actual product. I would totally keep the insert if it wasn’t a bother having to remove it everytime I use the palette.

This palette features six mattes, two sparkles, one shimmer, and one matte base with shimmer flecks. The sparkles and shimmer shades are quite smooth and uniform, but the mattes and matte base with shimmer flecks can be a little patchy sometimes. I think the pigmentation itself is not bad considering it is a Korean eyeshadow palette (Korean makeup is generally softer and subtle compared to Western makeup, so lighter pigmentation does not always mean it is an inferior product); it’s just that the mattes can be a bit more thin and powdery in texture compared to the mattes in the other 10-pan palettes, especially the darker mattes. I do think this helps achieve a soft, diffused look, so it’s not necessarily a bad product. Just make sure to apply a nice layer of translucent powder or a base color before going in with this palette. It also helps to go in very lightly and build up the color instead of trying to blend it out. Doing this gets rid of any patchiness that you may experience otherwise with this palette.

I really love the selection of colors in this palette. I think they all work together for a smooth blend. I’m very impressed at how well every shade in this palette works with all the other colors. I also quite like how the first shade isn’t a basic light base color; it actually has a good amount of depth that adds to the rich color story. What do you think?

Here’s a link to the palette on Jolse for quick reference (not affiliate; just purely for your reference)! Click here.