Fame Payday Review – The Wolf Of Online Marketing

It’s been a while since I posted on this site as I have been planning this years strategies but I decided to go all out and do a full Fame Payday Review.

This product and software is brought to us by Vick Carty and Tom E and is about a YouTube “Hack”.

Normally in my reviews I don’t bother looking at the sales page of products, I may grab a screenshot for my review or glance at it very quickly.

For this Fame Payday Review after watching all of the videos (which I bet most people promoting this did not bother doing) I did go and read the sales page.

What I found was the usual hype but that is to be expected I guess.

So let me start to break down Fame Payday for you.

In total there are 12 videos and the first half of them are mostly about the best way to create videos and how to optimise them.

You can actually find out more about that by watching this training that I created to help optimise your YouTube channel for SEO.

The next videos in the Fame Payday members area are about the software that you get which finds keywords, tags and descriptions for your videos.

The software looks easy to use and I actually recognise it from somewhere else, it’s called Tube Buddy and I may actually keep it for myself to use in growing my own channels as its simple to use and quite handy.

The main part of this product, Fame Payday, the results actually come from Vick’s wife who I would say is the brains of this “Hack” even though she found about it by accident.

Inside of the members area in the first video you can see her results, and also in a picture on this review.

The real meat and potatoes of this method is using playlists to rank and get more traffic, personally I have never tried using playlists like this but from the results it seems to work.

So the last few videos of Fame Payday are the most important ones to watch as Vick (who is doing the training) shows how to put these type of playlists together so that you can start ranking in any niche that you want.

The sales page of Fame Payday says something like 670 clicks from proven buyers…I really don’t know if that is the case but creating and optimising playlists with someone else’s videos is a smart way to build authority for your channels and start ranking your own channels.

While this method is called a hack there is nothing bad about it and it will keep working, I guess that the word hack just looks and sounds cooler…

Overall my final Fame Payday review is that for the small cost you are getting a software that is very useful and the last part of the training about using playlists is definitely something worth using in your own business.