How Pro Make-Up Artist Celia Burton Uses Glossier Futuredew – ELLE

Plenty of Glossier’s cult make-up heroes are easy to fall in love with. From the no-mirror-required Ultralip to the can’t-go-wrong Skin Tint, the secret to the brand’s success is ease. But there’s one Glossier product that we’re happy to admit had us a little stumped on launch. When Futuredew arrived, it was billed as an ‘oil-serum hybrid’ designed to deliver instant radiance.

Initially, the Futuredew reviews were mixed – but now we’ve experienced its glow-giving benefits ourselves, we’re confident that it’s one of the brand’s all-time best products. Over a year on, and we still haven’t found anything that can beat it.

So, what exactly is it? Well, we may need a few minutes to properly do this one justice. Essentially, Futuredew is that glossy, dewy skin that’s so undeniably Glossier, bottled.

It’s designed to stretch out the dewy, glass-skin sheen you get after you’ve carefully layered on your serums and creams, helping you look just like that bathroom selfie, all day long (even through the Zoom lens). Totally free from shimmer and silky, rather than sticky, it’s the perfect everyday skin illuminator. Plus, with no pigment involved, it looks sublime on every single skin type and tone.

Part serum, part oil, Futuredew is dubbed as ‘the last step in your skincare routine.’ So, sandwich it between your SPF and foundation and you’re on the right track to finally obtaining the kind of luminous, dewy skin that Glossier is powered on.

However, if you’re willing to bend the rules a little, you’ll be rewarded, as we’ve discovered there is in fact more than one way to use this luminous skin hero. Below, resident Glossier make-up artist Celia Burton reveals three ways to get that Glossier skin.

1.Long-Wear Skincare

Staying true to Glossier’s skin-first mantra, Futuredew actually cares for your complexion, too. Nourishing, non-comedogenic oils, brightening fruit extracts and squalane derived from sugarcane all work together to enhance skin radiance for long after you’ve removed your make-up.

‘Futuredew gives you the long-term brightening benefits of skincare, and the light-reflecting, soft-focus finish usually only achieved by make-up,’ says Burton. ‘Ideal for when you don’t want to spend ages on your routine, it’s a one-step product that creates a light radiant veil across the skin. Team with a lick of Boy Brow and Lash Slick to finish your look.’

2. Instant Dewy Glow

According to Burton, the non-sticky texture of Futuredew actually acts like a primer, helping your make-up adhere to the skin. ‘It’ll fix it in place and create a long-lasting glow,’ she says. ‘Apply two pumps all over your face as the last step in your skincare routine.’

3. The Perfect Last Step

Futuredew may have been designed to be layered beneath foundation, but we actually love using the clear, non-sticky serum on the tops of our cheekbones post-base. If you’re categorically allergic to glitter-soaked highlighters, this one’s for you.

‘Apply a small amount with your fingers onto the high points of your face such as cheekbones, under the brow and cupid’s bow to help gloss up any look before or after make-up,’ says Burton.