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Products Offered By Gold Bee

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


1200 mg

40 mg/mL



750 mg

25 mg per Gummy



1200 mg

40 mg per Capsule



100 – 600 mg

10 mg per Stick


1. CBD Oils

CBD oils are the bread and butter of the CBD industry. CBD and other cannabinoids are fat-soluble, which means they dissolve readily into oils and lipids, but poorly in water.

CBD oil is a cost-effective and highly absorbable way of using CBD.

The best CBD oils are made with organic hemp, use a full-spectrum hemp extract, and feature premium carrier oils such as MCT oil or hemp seed oil.

Gold Bee CBD oils tick all the boxes for what we’re looking for in a quality CBD oil.

Gold Bee CBD Oils

Gold Bee CBD oils come in three different potencies and two flavors:

  • 300 mg CBD oil — low-potency, best for new CBD users, pets, or children
  • 600 mg CBD oil — medium-potency, effective for most CBD applications
  • 1200 mg CBD oil — high-potency, the most popular option, and best value overall

All three potencies come as either the unflavored CBD oil (raw CBD oil) or a unique 0-calorie honey-flavor.

The biggest selling point for these oils compared to the competition is the oils’ exceptional terpene profile and low cost to potency ratio.

Terpenes are a unique class of compounds abundant in the plant kingdom. These molecules evaporate under low temperatures and carry a unique aroma. This gives plants like hemp, lavender, hops, nutmeg, citrus fruits, and more their characteristic aroma.

These compounds also offer a variety of therapeutic benefits of their own. Some provide direct anti-inflammatory, analgesic, or anti-anxiety benefits; others improve the absorption or slow the breakdown of CBD itself.

CBD oils that contain higher terpene concentrations tend to be stronger and deliver more versatile health benefits overall.

2. CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a good option for people who dislike the taste of CBD oil. They also contain precise doses of CBD per piece, which makes dosing much easier.

CBD gummies are popular for use with children or for using CBD while on the go. You don’t need to do any calculations or measuring as you do for a CBD oil to find your dose.

Another advantage of CBD gummies is that you can split each dose into halves or quarters if necessary — something you can’t do with other CBD products such as capsules.

The best CBD gummies use broad-spectrum hemp extract, avoid the use of synthetic ingredients, and provide at least 20 milligrams of CBD per piece.

Gold Bee CBD Gummies

Gold Bee CBD gummies are made from the same organic hemp plants the company’s other products use — with one exception. Instead of using the full-spectrum extract, these gummies are made from a broad-spectrum extract.

There’s a good reason for this.

Some of the terpenes produced in hemp will interfere with the gummy base, causing it to become sticky or lose its shape. While removing some of the terpenes, Gold Bee also removes even trace amounts of THC — which is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp.

These gummies are completely THC-free, made with a delicious vegan-friendly gummy base, and provide a high dose of 25 milligrams of CBD in every piece.

3. CBD Capsules

A CBD capsule is made by filling a specialized soft gel capsule with high-grade CBD oil. Most companies will use the same CBD oil for its capsules as it uses for other CBD products.

A capsule has a few advantages to a CBD oil, without significantly affecting the price. It removes the flavor of the hemp oil, which many people find too bitter or “grassy.” Capsules also remove the challenges with measuring doses. You know exactly how much CBD is in each capsule, and every dose is always exactly the same.

The best CBD capsules contain full-spectrum hemp oil, with a dose of at least 20 mg each.

Gold Bee CBD Capsules

Gold Bee CBD capsules are made from the same organic, high-grade, terpene-rich hemp oil used in its CBD oil range. Each capsule contains 40 milligrams of CBD, making them some of the strongest CBD capsules on the market.

The average CBD capsule contains between 10 and 20 mg each.

This is a heavy-hitter, suitable for people with the highest CBD dose requirements. These capsules are a good option for people suffering from chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, or severe anxiety.

4. CBD Honey-Sticks

CBD-infused honey products are all the rage for 2020. We’re seeing more and more companies adding CBD honey products and other delicious CBD edibles to their product lineups every month.

CBD and honey work well together because CBD is efficiently absorbed into the honey. This means the CBD won’t fall out of the solution and settle on the bottom as it will with many other edibles. It also allows manufacturers to mask the natural flavor of the hemp extract, which many find undesirable.

You can use CBD honey sticks by adding them directly into a cup of tea or another hot beverage. As the hot beverage melts the honey it will gradually diffuse into the drink — carrying the CBD along with it.

Gold Bee CBD Honey Sticks

Gold Bee has roots as an apiary (bee farm). This makes their honey-sticks a no-brainer.

While the company no longer produces its own honey, they certainly know what makes for the best honey.

For this product, Gold Bee went to the Amazon rainforest to source its wild honey. This part of the world is the most biologically diverse place on earth. Honey made in this region contains the nectar of tens of thousands of different plants. This gives the honey a unique flavor and adds subtle medicinal value from the many plants bees collect nectar from.

These honey sticks come in packs of 10 or 60 — each with 10 mg of CBD contained in an organic full-spectrum extract.