Our automatic speech recognition engine supports several English accents and can be localized to any language. Also, the ASR engine supports standard telephony as well as web and mobile applications. Being capable of actioning voice commands given to electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones or telephones with the aid of a microphone, the GoVivace’s Automatic Speech Recognition Engine finds use in diverse applications.

This automatic speech recognition engine compares the spoken input with a number of pre-specified possibilities and convert speech to text. The entire set of pre-specified possibilities constitute the application’s grammar, which powers the interface between the dialogue-speaker and the back-end processing.

GoVivace’s patented Automatic Speech Recognition solution needs only very simple grammar for its processing. It can also support very large grammars for complex tasks such as dates, complex commands, and yellow pages styled complex directory lookups. We also offer consulting services for the design and development of complex grammars to our clients. Performance tuning is another service, whereby we troubleshoot poorly performing grammars by tuning the acoustic and language models for the preferred service.

The GoVivace’s Automatic Speech Recognition software can work with both pre-compiled grammars that can be referenced by name, and on-the-fly grammars that evolve as the client uses the application and which can be detected if reused. Both kinds of grammars are stored on the server after compilation, to ensure fast processing.

A key feature of the GoVivace’s ASR engine is it uses a statistical language model to understand natural language, which means it is not limited to understanding speech which matches its grammar. Developers integrating the engine into speech recognition systems will appreciate being able to create advanced intuitive Natural Language Processing(NLP) interfaces boasting of high linguistic intelligence quotients.

Our ASR solution supports a distributed client-server architecture for easy scaling and to support an ever-growing list of client devices. A load balancer can be used as the front end, and servers added to the system at the back end to allow for redundancy, reliability, and scalability. In addition to this, we also support MRCPv2 for our Automatic Speech Recognition solution. Since ASR solutions are used extensively in the commercial world at different levels, so businesses can use GoVivace’s ASR plugin for the UniMRCP servers for their requirements.

Mrcpv2 support for GoVivace ASR

Download GoVivace Speech Recognition (GoVivaceSR) plugin for the UniMRCP server, please contact us for more information at:

The GoVivace’s Automatic Speech Recognition Software is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions for Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. A minimum of 4GB of RAM and a 2.0GHz processor is recommended for enterprises and SMB customers.

Make it easy to navigate self-service interactive voice response applications with GoVivace’s ASR Software. Our clients have used the Automatic Speech Recognition Software solution in complex and challenging self-service tasks like handling public transit schedules in noisy roads. Its robustness and reliability allowing you to move ahead with confidence. Its flexibility allows for a scalable design.

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