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After two years since the 2019 version of the Dakar came out, here’s the new 2021 version Dakar. The colors are updated and new flexible materials have been added into flex zones. Choose from optional armor for the shoulders and elbows and also the back. The Klim Dakar jacket is a textile shell which is comfortable and durable for off-road and adventure riders.

The Dakar jacket continues to be a lighter weight and more comfortable jacket as compared to full-on Klim street jackets. The shell of this jacket made from a durable textile material with reinforced materials on the shoulders and elbows. It fits relatively loosely so you’ll be able to move very easily and the overall weight is reduced. Unlike many Klim street jackets, this one is NOT waterproof construction.

For summer use, there are zip vents on the lower and upper sleeves and there are two zip vents on the lower rear area, so with all the vents open, you’ll get a lot of airflow through the jacket. Also, this jacket has the unique feature of removable sleeves. There are two circular zippers right at the shoulders, so you can just take them off. The shoulder and elbow pockets for armor are attached to the sleeves, so if you go sleeveless, you’ll be without. But some off-road riders prefer a vest in hot weather so this jacket can do both.

Speaking of armor, the aforementioned pockets are set up to accept Klim’s D3O armor. The armor is soft and comfortable so it is easy to wear. You can buy armor for the shoulder, elbows, and back. Take the links below to buy. You’ll notice there are two versions… the standard CE 1 and then the “Pro” version which is rated CE 2 (about half again thicker).

Other nice features: collar hold-back tabs for each of the collar tips. You just lower the main zipper some and then use the little elastic loop just inside the collar tips to hook the plastic piece on the shoulder. That way the collar is held open and you can catch a lot of extra air; plenty of storage pockets for you… two lower handwarmer pockets, two upper chest pockets outside, and one big fanny pocket in back, and inside there is one wallet/phone sized pocket; night time reflective can be found going over the shoulders which can be seen from the front or the back and the sleeves have visibility strips also.

Take the links below to choose a matching pant. There are two available…one made to fit over boots and one with “in the boot” legs. Check out the new Striking Petrol color choice. It’s sharp! :: Paul, 03-17-21

Klim says: The Dakar Jacket is engineered to dominate the most challenging multi-season dual-sport/off-road conditions. Building on a proven chassis, the redesigned jacket features improved airflow, range of motion, durability, and storage to make it even more suited for aggressive riding and light adventure travel. The sleeves zip off when the going gets hot, ample pockets store your essentials, and more durable fabrics give you confidence when the trail turns to road.