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This is my Muscle Booster app review.

Many people prefer exercising on their own, but they lack the knowledge of which workouts will suit them best. If you set the right training goals, you can focus on specific muscle groups to help strengthen them over time.

I found the Muscle Booster app to have lots of detail. It let me set my body’s information while explaining what I’d like to achieve. Based on that data, it quickly showed me which workout plans would be best.

In this Muscle Booster app review, I’ll show you which features have the greatest benefits. You’ll see some pros and cons, and I’ll mention some other applications that have similar functions.

Let’s get ready to burn some muscle in this extensive review!

Product Overview

muscle booster app review

A.L Amazing Apps Limited developed this specific Muscle Booster app to help you build muscle or lose weight. It focuses on exercises you can do at home. It doesn’t matter if you have the equipment, as it has workouts with and without them.

You’ll begin by informing the application of what you’d like to achieve. From there, it shares different workout plans you can try. You can also decide which muscle groups you’d like to focus on to adjust the parameters.

The platform works well for anyone who wants to gain some muscle or drop that extra weight. The instructions are detailed, showing you how the exercises look so you can follow them. There are also videos in case you need some more information.

Overall, it’s an excellent app for sweating it out at home, as long as you’re willing to pay the subscription fee. There are different membership levels, and currencies and prices adjusted to your location.

Muscle Booster App Features Review

For the meat of our Muscle Booster review, I’m going to take you through each of the features. I’ll show you what they do and how they’ll benefit you.

Workout Plans Based on Goals

muscle booster app review

There are two primary goals you can choose between when you begin, namely, muscle gain and weight loss. While this stands out at the fore, other targets include health improvement, changing your overall look, and building strength.

You’ll also find challenges for your plans, such as cutting out sugar or processed food. The workouts change every week, preventing you from becoming bored or your muscles from becoming used to the same type of training.

Target Muscle Groups

muscle booster app review

Another exciting feature I enjoyed was being able to target which muscles I want to train. It gave me a chance to improve where I always felt I needed exercise, especially my abs and chest. As soon as you select one, you’ll receive a new workout plan for the goal.

Besides aiming for specific muscle groups, you can also decide how you’d like to train them. For instance, you can bulk up, add more bulk, or cut back on them. If you select the beginner mode, it may take you slightly longer to achieve goals, but it’ll spare you any injuries if it’s your first time using an exercising plan.

Updates and Progression

muscle booster app review
We’re sure many of you had the same idea as me: subscribe for the first week, grab the workouts, and use them for as long as you please. Where the subscription adds value is the updated plans linked to your progress. You’ll start with the basic plan, giving you the first few weeks to become used to the program. As you progress to more challenging levels, your calendar updates with new training. I found this aspect to be the most rewarding for my Muscle Booster app review, as it helped me monitor how well I’m doing.Training Tutorials
muscle booster app review

Finally, I really enjoyed the training tutorials. There are some workouts I’ve never heard of before, even at the gym. While I could easily research these terms on the internet, it helps that there are videos and flashcards showing how it’s done.

There are more than 450 workout items with videos, which is really impressive. They reveal how to do each step and move correctly, which helps build muscle correctly without causing injury.

Pros and Cons

No matter where you’re working out, it pays to have a look at the pros and cons in this Muscle Booster app review. I’ll give you a quick rundown of what I liked and disliked


Now that you’ve seen what the program can do with my Muscle Booster app review, it’s time to look at some alternatives. I’m highlighting two that may be worth your while.


As with the Muscle Booster app, Onyx offers workout plans for different goals with a personal trainer. You won’t need any equipment, and there are plenty of exercises you can perform at home. There are programs for fitness and weight loss.

However, many users have mentioned that the application doesn’t always work. Several have also said that they can’t get past the registration screen. So, it only seems to work on some Android and iOS devices.


If you’ve ever wanted to look like Thor from The Avengers, then Centr is for you. Chris Hemsworth’s name is behind this app, with advice and workout plans from several members of his training team. You can easily swipe through the various activities, while the program is updated weekly on iPhone and Android devices.

Final Verdict of My Muscle Booster App Review

There are plenty of features worthy of mention in my Muscle Booster app review. From the weekly workout plans to the updated progression levels, it’s sure to help you meet your goals.

Of course, the only catch is that you need to actually take it seriously and continue your training. If you’re going to pay for the subscription, at least put in the effort.

The bonus is that you can do workouts at home or the gym.

You can download Muscle Booster on Android and iPhone.