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I became a self-employed consultant after the IT company downsized in 2017. I searched for affordable healthcare and was contacted by dozens of consultants. Before my Cobra coverage ran out I signed up with OneShare Health. On my 4th month after signing, I had intense back pains I called OneShare and spoke with consultant who approved my visit to any doctor in the network for treatment. I went through their Website for doctors in their network directory. There were several doctors in my zip code and I picked one that had great reviews and within 2 miles. I called the MD office and since I was new, they asked for my insurance policy. They emailed a financial responsibility form and I was to sign the document and bring it in on my first visit.

On the appointed time I was in the MD office and was old by the receptionist that they had not received confirmation from OneShare Health for my treatment but they would continue calling. We went ahead with consultation and treatment because I had received approval for treatment on my call to OneShare Health. Two days later, the doctor called to say that she personally called OneShare and was told that OneShare had not approved my treatment so OneShare would not pay for the visit. I called OneShare and it was confirmed I had called for treatment and was approved but the MD was not in their network so they would not pay the bill.

I asked why they advertise the MD in the network directory and was told that perhaps the MD was recently removed from the network. I remembered the MD had never heard of OneShare Health before and had no paperwork from OneShare to be on their network.

The next day, I called OneShare Customer, again to argue my case, and was told that OneShare would not cover the MD visit since the MD was out of network. I asked why her name was listed in the directory and again I was told that perhaps she was no longer in the network but the digital directory was not updated yet. F

I work in IT since the 80s and have experience with software and Web management. It is a simple case of a resource to run a script to remove a list of MDs that is no longer on the network or to add new MDs. Does not require a full fledge Webmaster or DBA to update the directory. OneShare did not do that. Perhaps it was oversight or perhaps if they did that then their network of doctors would be zero and would not be good for their marketing.

After hours of going around in circles I started realizing I might have been stupid and fallen into a scam so I call the State Insurance Commissioner’s office and was told that OneShare was barred from doing business in Washington State (along with several other states) because of similar complaints. On the same call, I was told that OneShare also does business with another name, Trinity and both are sold by Aliera Healthcare Inc.

Here are links to the case against Aliera and OneHealth Care.

It is unfathomable that even if they are found guilty they are fined $150,000 but in the mean time they have siphoned millions from the average person who trusted their sales pitch. This is white collar theft and those unconscionable Christian and business conduct.

Do your own search online and PLEASE do not fall victim to Faith-Based Ministry health plans. I was lucky to get away with less than $600 in bills. You might not be as lucky. Now I under Medicare so I am less worried about being scammed for medical insurance.