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Introducing Powerstop Brakes

When Powerstop entered the market in over two decades ago, it was unclear that it will – in a few years – occupy a behemoth position in the auto accessory market. Flawed, but hyped nonetheless, it is crucial to take a keen look at the Powerstop brand and products. This review, will provide in-depth insight into the Power stop brakes, and the products strides and fails. And we, in turn, will conduct an express review of the Power Stop brand.

About Powerstop

According to PowerStop Brakes web-site Powerstop brake rotors first entered the market in 1995. It effortlessly stacked a reputation for braking systems with exceptionally high tolerances and premium materials. The aim according to Powerstop’s website itself, was to make braking upgrades accessible to all cars and not only high-performance vehicles. This was not the only goal. Powerstop emerged in an era where brake parts were shopped individually. It was therefore necessary to seek professional assistance anytime brake parts needed changing. This was pricey, and time consuming.

With the Powerstop one-click brake upgrade kit, things changed. It became possible to get everything at once, from pads to rotors, hardware, and more, with minimal guesswork. It also eliminated the need of professional help with braking systems as anyone with the right tools could get the job done. This, amongst other factors have helped propel Powerstop brakes to the dominant position it now occupies in the auto parts industry. This has not stopped the mild barrage of negative powerstop brake reviews from angry and dissatisfied customers. It is therefore necessary to look at the various Powerstop brake products for the good, bad, and of course, the ugly.

Reviewing the Powerstop Brake kits

Most Power stop brake kit reviews by bloggers are nothing short of a press release bragging about the quality of the Powerstop products. That is why it is always ideal to listen to those who make proper use of the products and not keyboard warriors or part-time product testers. I’m talking about the customer, of course.

Powerstops brake kits upgrades are available for over 90% of automobiles in existence. And as far as the brand is concerned there is nothing but praise for it. This is true to an extent. Most Powerstop brake kit reviews on Amazon are nothing short of five star praise. And why not? This is a product aimed at eliminating brake dust thanks to its carbon fiber pads that lack dust formulation. They are also noiseless brakes that are capable of increasing brake power without affecting drivability. Among these kits is the Z36 series. The most positive power stop z36 reviews are by Jeep Wrangler series owners who find the K2798-36, K3090-36 and K3097-36 kits highly effective.

It therefore became necessary that we put these to a test. Cutting out the technical jargon, we can verify this: Powerstop brake kits are great, to a significant extent. They are dust free, a huge improvement on the Jeep Wrangler OEM parts. These brake kits are also a lot more quiet. However, what most Powerstop brake kit reviews will not tell you is that these systems are not necessarily worth the hype. For a premium braking system, these aftermarket parts wear out a bit too quickly. One should expect to get a few tens of thousands of miles from this this product, but certain parts have their diverse challenges.

Power stop rotor review

On paper the Power stop rotor specs are nothing short of mythical. The “Finest G3000 metallurgy” deployed. Easily mounted without the need for adjustments. The rotors contain rounded slots to get rid of gas or debris and precision drill holes that guarantee cooling in extreme conditions. This does not exclude the silver anti-rust and corrosion zone plating. Sadly, most Power stop rotors reviews are unclear on few bits of details about a few Power stop rotors. On some cars, they tend to squeak, on some models such as the Jeep JKU. Despite the much improved stopping the Power stop rotor provides, the noise is a mild turnoff for 3% of Powerstop users. This is a small but still significant number. The good thing though, is that the rotors do not wear out quickly. So, if the rotors don’t wear out too quickly, what does?

Powerstop brakes review

One of the most amazing facts about Powerstop braking systems is how turgid their calipers are. It is hard to find a flaw in these pieces of iron. But the brakes though. Despite expectations that these brakes would last a few years, most power stop brakes reviews complain of their brakes not lasting more than a few thousand miles. There are a significant number of complaints from customers who were unable to get more than 20k miles from their Powerstop brakes. This includes the notoriously popular evolution brake pads.

We will not be going into a detailed power stop evolution brake pads review in this article, but it is necessary to be clear on a few things. The Powerstop evolutions brake pads are ideal for performance cars. The Z23 Evolution sports brake pads are a true example of the power these brake pads have – in the short term. In the long run, they wear out the rotors easily, eventually causing longer stopping distances, and finally the brakes wear out. Therefore, most power stop brake pads reviews seem contradictory. Users love the immense power these pads add to their braking system and hate how quickly their system wears out.

Let’s put it this way:



More power, intense use and road conditions are all variables that affect the lifespan of your brake pads, no less the power stop braking system. This is what a majoriy of power stop brake reviews will not tell you – by strengthening your braking in the short run, you just may lose it long term.