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The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog is a fantastic gaming keyboard if you’re looking for both analog switches and a smaller layout. It’s well made with some good looks, and features some incredible-feeling switches for gaming. As long as you don’t mind the steep price, the Mini Analog is well worth a pick up.


Last year proved that analog gaming keyboards could become mainstream with the award-winning Razer Huntsman V2 Analog.

But, a 60% analog gaming keyboard, surely that’s unheard of? Enter Razer’s newest entry, the Huntsman Mini Analog.

With a retail price of £149.99/$149/€159.99, it isn’t the cheapest gaming keyboard option out there, but if you’re desperate to experience the powers of a smaller footprint keyboard with analog switches, then it may just be a price worth paying.


  • Compact layout can be great for productivity
  • Sturdy frame with no deck flex
  • PBT keycaps are a nice addition

Much like its non-analog sibling – the standard Razer Huntsman Mini – this Analog variant is sturdy and well built with a nice feeling aluminium outer casing and minimal deck flex.

Since it’s 60% the size of a standard gaming keyboard, you’re getting less keys here, with Razer only providing the essentials. You’re just getting the usual alphanumeric keys with no nav cluster, additional number pad, or even arrow keys.

This can take some getting used to if you’ve never used a 60% keyboard before, but on the whole, the layout can be great for saving desk space. If you do want more keys though, then a TKL board without a number pad can give you a happy medium, such as the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini or even the modular Asus ROG Claymore II.

The Huntsman Mini Analog Mini flaunts the classy and premium feeling double-shot PBT keycaps that Razer seems to reserve for its more expensive keyboards. It helps to make the board feel more durable with higher quality plastics than the more commonly used ABS plastics.

On the underside, you’ll find some sturdy flip-out feet that allow for a more comfortable typing angle, as well as simply reinforcing how durable the Huntsman Mini Analog feels.


  • Analog switches offer incredible accuracy
  • Can be pretty loud
  • Full NKRO & anti-ghosting are useful to have

The main reason you’d pick up the Huntsman Mini Analog isn’t arguably for how it looks and feels, but majorly for what’s inside. It features Razer’s incredible analog switches that I have no hesitation in calling some of the best out there on a gaming keyboard today.

If you aren’t familiar with analog switches, they essentially give you controller-like accuracy in a keyboard by allowing for more progressive inputs than a normal gaming keyboard. For example, you can set a single key to have multiple functions, depending on how hard you press it. A light press on ‘W’ could see your character slowly walk forward, while a firm push will activate a sprint, just like how you’d use a joystick.

It can take some getting used to if you’re been a long time PC gamer, but you most likely won’t find a better keyboard experience than with analog switches, especially in such a small form factor keyboard.

Alongside the power of analog switches, the Huntsman Mini Analog also feature some other nice-to-haves such as full NKRO and anti-ghosting, which can just help to offer maximum accuracy and precision when you’re in the heat of battle.

I also found the Huntsman Mini Analog to be a competent board for day-to-day usage. Its switches offer a pleasant typing experience but it can get pretty loud when the switches bottom out. This is something to be aware of if you do plan on using the Huntsman Mini Analog anywhere else other than the confines of your own home.

Software and lighting

  • Synapse 3 is a versatile software suite
  • Chroma lighting is vibrant and sharp
  • Plenty of customisation on offer

The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog can only truly be unlocked with Razer’s Synapse 3 software, an additional download that is one of the best in the business. You can tweak individual key inputs, alter the colour and effects of the lighting and even link certain setups to specific games.

With analog switches, there’s inherently more customisation as you can customise the individual actuation points for even snappier inputs on certain keys, which I found to be incredibly handy. You can even map keys to mirror respective controller inputs, which is really clever.

I will confess to spending more time than I should have done customising the Huntsman Mini Analog’s inputs, and to be truthful, it may be less time-consuming to just plug in a controller.

As for lighting, it looks as though Razer has taken a different approach with the Huntsman Mini Analog as presets can be set using hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts. There are seven in total, ranging from static colour to it cycling through a spectrum, and as usual with Razer products, its Chroma RGB lighting engine makes everything look fantastic.

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