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We found the Charleston dream home but discovered our Newington rental investment property; that we hadn’t lived in since may 2007; nor even seen since 2010; was a 3rd world unsellable embarrassment beneath the dignity for Nikki ** to even show; much less even sell for absolute top dollar; to any prospective buyer. We had to turn our Newington tear-down into Buckingham palace & sell it for top dollar within (90) days; to get both our money needed out of our Newington investment before our interest rate lock expired; & to even barely qualify for our rocket mortgage; much less pull off the purchase of our below market priced Charleston PGA championship Shadowmoss country club dream home purchase; overlooking the pond; clubhouse & 18th green impossible?

Why even try; before losing our already paid wish, prayer & a rabbit’s foot wasted & thrown away earnest money down payment; along with our impossible to duplicate; ever; locked 5.125 through august 9 rocket mortgage interest rate; & our Charleston either impossible fantasy dream come true; or never to be. God had an easier time creating the earth in (6) days than Nikki ** had in closing on the sale of our Newington glen oaks condominium July 27, 2022; enabling us to get our not only highest above actual pre-approved mortgage qualification appraisal (3) buyer above asking price offers; enabling us to get our absolute top dollar out of our glen oaks embarrassment unsalable wreck; by our 5.125 mortgage rate lock expiration date deadline; to then just-in-time; close on our Charleston country club Shangri-La; at the last absolute at the buzzer final split second; on of the final august 9, 2022 deadline day; before we lost not only our never again rocket mortgage interest rate; but also our Charleston home; with our Charleston seller now being able to simultaneously reject our purchase offer; while forfeiting (read confiscating) our earnest money; because we’d violated the our buyer deadline condition to close on time; with the seller now able to accept one of several now higher existing back-up offers on the table; for our Charleston dream home; that by now; my wife had her heart set on.

In between; using her own painters; woodwork & furniture bathroom vanity & kitchen cracked corian countertop; electrical & cleaning; to include restretching & stained carpet & whole house cleaning; perforated; (damaged) & with sheetrock holes everywhere; & completely replacing our failed; no filters changed by our tenant; & now worthless; beyond repair; (42) year old central air conditioning system; Nikki ** got done a $40,000 makeover whole house houdini magic act; for $15,000; & then on a dime; Nikki staged our home; showing it online & got it sold for absolute above asking price top dollar; (because Nikki made our old home new) on the 1st Remax day Nikki got it live on the market online; July 2, 2022.

What Nikki ** did for us is s0 impossible that even Nikki couldn’t possibly do it again. That being; until Nikki ** then pulls off the same magic act for her next client. Nikki did so much, with so little to work with, in so short a time; while constantly bombarded by my hi-pressure impatient phone calls, texts & emails; no psychiatrist running a nut house for the criminally insane could survive what Nikki did for us; much less; in so short a time.

If I told you what else Nikki did for us, you’d never believe me, so why bother. What Nikki loves most; besides making the impossible in buying & selling homes possible; is using her bubbling over, enthusiastic gift; of never saying no, but only yes; to make people happy. Google me, Richard E. **; author of (10) books; worldwide. I couldn’t ever dream up the Nikki ** story; until in real time; for me my wife; Nikki turned the fiction of a fairy tale into fact. I can only write the story; by stating in fact; what Nikki actually did for us. We still can’t believe the reality of what Nikki did for us. But somehow, some way; Nikki did make it happen. I call her Nicolette. If you choose Nikki to be your realtor; please; like I was; don’t be impossible. Going through it twice, she might not survive it.