Client Testimonials and Customer Reviews – Joe Hayden Realtor

Andrea Godlew

Craig Greenwell is the definition of an exemplary Realtor. He is incredibly easy to talk to, he is very patient and very understanding of his clients’ needs and he is fun to work with. He is very honest and trustworthy as well and I felt completely comfortable taking his advice because I knew he sincere. He was available anytime we needed him and that included evenings and weekends. He was truly “on call” for us and made us feel important and valued as clients.

My husband and were first-time home buyers and navigating those waters was very challenging. It was especially hard because our parents were not close by to advise us and this meant that we were our own in the home-buying process. Working with Craig was like having my father and father-in-law with me during every showing and that alone was really priceless. I was ready to buy everything I saw and he was there to guide me back and suggested I look at multiple homes in multiple neighborhoods before I committed to anything.

He made more work for himself to ensure that I understood what I was buying. He took every opportunity to point out structural as well as cosmetic problems with every house we saw (things that we would have never even noticed) and even steered me away from buying a particular house because he felt that the structural integrity had issues, the homeowners did not maintain the house properly and it would have become a money pit in order to fix all of the issues.

He really put our best interest in front of his own and took the time to find us the right fit. That is a really rare quality these days and Craig is an exceptional person. Our main goal was to buy an affordable property to live in for the next few years and then sell and move back to Michigan. Craig always offered suggestions for how we could update each particular house to see a higher return when we decide to sell it and offered ways to make it as ideal as possible for resale without sinking unnecessary money into the properties. As a Louisville native, he is incredibly knowledgeable about the unique real estate market in Louisville and the homes he is selling. He even went out of his way to help us rent our apartment out so that we would not be stuck with a mortgage and a monthly rent. He truly cares about his clients and it shows.

If I were to sell my house or buy a new one, Craig is the first person I would call. I feel “realtor spoiled” now and it will be very hard for the next person to fill Craig’s shoes should we every buy a house in another market. My husband and I are going to miss him but hopefully he’ll come visit and take a dip in our hot tub!!!! Thanks to Craig and the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team!