Showit Website Builder Review –

Showit – is a trusted web design platform that was created with the only purpose in mind: to enable professional photographers independently create and manage personal projects to showcase their works and talent. As the system evolved, it has gained popularity with the representatives of other niches, who need to design websites for quality business presentation. These include bloggers, freelancers, artists, architects, interior designers, coaches etc.

Based on the drag-and-drop functionality, this software is perfect for newbies who do not want to be involved in technical issues. Besides, the product comes with multiple web design capabilities to create stunning professional photographer portfolios as well as stylish small business websites. Users appreciate a collection of great-looking templates that are easy to customize or redesign as well as create a custom canvas of your own without drastically coding. The system also offers several extra features and functions to establish a solid online presence. To see what tools and options Showit has in stock, it is high time to read the detailed system review below.

Showit Features

Showit functionality mainly goes down to its niche specialization. The system delivers enough options to create a professional portfolio project, but if you intend to set up a business website, you may crave for a more extensive and advanced feature set. Currently, the website builder grants access to baseline tools required to set up a quality photography project. Let’s have a look at them right away.


Getting started is quite fast and easy with Showit as it was initially launched as a website builder for newbies. The software does not imply any coding proficiency at all. Due to the intuitive drag-and-drop editor and simple dashboard, the entire web development process is understandable for everyone. However, the design and customization freedom provided by the software resulted in a slight complexity. Users may need some time to figure out how everything works here. Fortunately, there is a 14-day free trial to test the system.

It does not take much time/effort to sign up for the service. Just fill out the registration form to provide your login details, business name and specialization, country and phone number. You should also clarify the resource, where you have found out about the platform. When you are done with the steps above, you will get a welcoming and confirmation email. The link will further redirect you to the website editor.

Showit Create account

Speaking about the dashboard and editor, both of them are a bit confusing for a first-timer. A dashboard grants access to your websites, general user info and main settings. Mind that you might feel a bit confused with the way your layout is displayed, when you get inside the website builder. The system offers a mobile and desktop screen simultaneously by default. However, you still have a chance to pick the dimensions you want to edit. The good thing here is that all changes are applied to all screen versions automatically. The bad news is that the desktop view comes with a smaller screen. It makes the editing process a bit difficult.

Showit website editor

All editor tools are located in the left sidebar. It contains the list of all website pages and elements that are free to edit. Users can choose either from that list or simply scroll the page down to a necessary block and change it. Right after that, you may proceed to more detailed website customization.

Showit page editor


Showit doesn’t include an integrated eCommerce engine or other features that make it possible to create/connect a web store from scratch. However, the system implies the opportunity of WooCommerce plugin integration. This allows users to add digital stores to their projects and to further customize them as required. Get ready, however, to deal with multiple settings and tools to ensure quality web store performance.


Just like Showit does not include a blogging engine by default, there is an opportunity to connect and customize a blog via WordPress integration. You will find a blog template inside the Showit editor. Users are free to edit and publish content inside the dashboard or using the WP CMS. If you already have a blog, the Showit team will help you with its free migration. What you should also know is that your Showit WordPress blog can integrate with the Yoast SEO plugin for better project promotion. By the way, if you already have a blog created with WordPress or Squarespace, you can transfer it to Showit to preserve the content and current SEO positions.

Showit WordPress Blog

WordPress Compatibility

Apart from the blogging features, you may benefit from the integrated WPEngine-powered solute that ensures great performance. Besides, the WordPress host is also included in the package. Mind that not all WordPress plugins are compatible with the Showit platform.

Ready-Made Canvas Samples

Along with the drag-and-drop editor, Showit delivers pre-designed page canvases. You do not even need to add new elements from scratch. Simply choose the canvas you like, edit pages, and publish the website. The same function applies to every page.


Although Showit integrates with WordPress, it remains a standalone platform that comes with a built-in editor and hosting. All the plans include hosting features that may vary from one subscription to another.

Assets Management

Showit has a collection of custom images. However, users are free to create their own libraries that can be accessed from the editor. It’s up to you to create a new folder, name it, upload images and photos from the local device. This ensures a fast and easy way to create new image collections or highlight topical portfolios. Additionally, you have an opportunity to enhance your content styling. The system currently allows choosing from around 952 free Google fonts or adding your own custom fonts, if needed.

Showit Assets Management

Hire a Designer

The website builder implies a possibility of hiring a Show it expert to design a website for you. Whether you encounter problems during the website development process, need professional assistance to get started with your project or just don’t have time to independently complete the task, you can count on qualified web designers to do the task for you. Just leave your request on a corresponding website page and wait for an expert to contact you.


All Showit websites are well optimized for the search engines. The system allows filling out the major SEO parameters following the tutorials it offers. What you can do here is specifying your web page/website meta tags, keywords, alt texts and other required elements. As you can see, the Showit feature set is not that extensive. However, it is enough to meet the major photographer’s needs.

Showit Design and Templates

Showit boasts a collection of stylish, up-to-date and completely customizable templates developed for photographers, creatives and entrepreneurs, who wish to make an impression on the target audience. This is where the platform has much to offer. Users may choose from free and premium designs, all of which feature high quality and look great on all types of mobile/desktop devices.

Showit templates

All Showit themes are divided into niche categories depending on the layout type or style you look for. This allows simplifying users’ choice – just like the availability of the search filter option. The major template categories include Blog, Coaching and Consulting, Free, Podcasts, Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography. The cost of paid designs is quite high – the prices range from $200 to $750 per template. This is too expensive for an ordinary user. There is also a Template Store here, where you can pick and buy a design for further customization.

Needless to say, all themes are mobile responsive. The dashboard offers several preview modes that include a smartphone, tablet, and desktop revision. Besi des, the system has custom design tools. They include a wide color palette with an opportunity to change patterns and tons, type settings to work with text fonts, size, spacing, alignment and more.

Design customization capabilities are quite extensive as well. Unlike other drag-and-drop website builders, Showit does not band you to a single page structure with only a chance to move blocks up and down. Users may choose any location, resize and rearrange page elements, add new images, edit texts, change backgrounds, fonts etc. This is where we definitely like the way Showit handles the process.

When the website is ready, and you want to go live with it, make sure you do the general setup. Here you need to indicate general website info, domain, URL etc. Users will also have to download a favicon image. Now, you can preview your website on various devices just to make sure all elements look fine and publish it.

Showit site style

Customer Support

Showit customer support is on quite a high level. Whenever you need assistance with your project creation/customization, you may benefit from multiple info sources. To start with, there is a Help Center with all baseline issues described. Here you will find detailed guides on how to get started and build your first website with Showit. The articles contain information on how to create a blog from scratch or use design features.

Showit Customer Support

Those who require urgent help, may benefit from using the Emergency Support option. This one implies an opportunity to use the Live Chat feature or contact the support team via social media. Mind that Emergency Support is available to premium plan subscribers only. Additionally, the platform has a growing community in social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Likewise, there is a Showit YouTube channel with dozens of videos, tutorials, and other useful info. Other support options include a Blog, Media Kit and For Designers section.

Whenever you need timely help, you can also reach the popup help window available in the right down corner of the screen. The team experts are ready to answer users’ questions online from Monday to Friday (4AM-7PM PST). The average reply time is several hours.

If you plan to use the system for your project development needs, it makes sense to browse the Training section. This is where you can pick a training course to improve some of your skills. Currently, there are two courses available to subscribers: Showit 101 – Getting Started and Design Market Standards. All in all, Showit customer support options are useful and versatile.

Showit Pricing

The website builder has a free trial that extends for 14 days. Upon the end of the trial period, you will have to upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions. Here they go:

  • Showit ($19) – access to all editor features except for blogging, Showit website builder, secure HTTPS certificate connection, web hosting with 20GB of media storage, regular design backups every 10 minutes stored for 7 days;
  • Showit + Basic Blog ($24) – opportunity to migrate less than 50 posts from WordPress or Squarespace, up to 10K blog visits per month, opportunity to design your own WP theme in Showit, pre-installed plugins, daily blog backups stored for 30 days, one WP user, simple blog migration;
  • Showit + Advanced Blog ($34) – opportunity to migrate over 50 posts from WordPress or Squarespace, up to 25K blog visits per month, unlimited WP users, free advanced blog migration, FTP and database access, custom plugins, SEO support from Showit experts.

Showit Pricing

Additionally, there are two separate plans for huge blogs with increased traffic. These options are not available on the subscription order form. To get access to them, you need to subscribe to the Showit+Advanced Blog plan and then contact the support team to upgrade to one of the following two High Bandwidth subscriptions:

  • Showit+Advanced Blog 50K ($64/mo) – Showit website builder, secure HTTPS certificate connection, web hosting with 20GB of media storage, regular design backups every 10 minutes stored for 7 days, ideal for blogs with over 50 posts to migrate, 30GB of blog storage space, up to 50K blog visits per month, WP theme builder, WP hosting powered by WP Engine, daily blog backups stored for 30 days, unlimited WP users, free advanced blog migration;
  • Showit+Advanced Blog 100K ($124/mo) – terms implied by the Showit+Advanced Blog 50K plan plus 50GB of blog storage space, up to 100K blog visits per month.

Does your blog exceed 100K visitors per month? Then you have a great opportunity to opt for a special Showit offer! Just contact the support team to find out more about it.

Showit Website Examples

Showit Alternatives and Competitors

Showit makes it possible to create interesting projects for photographers, creatives and business owners willing to present their works/products to the target audience in the most favorable light. The system has multiple tools to provide this opportunity yet it obviously lacks some of the must-have features to make your project stand out from the crowd.

Users have access to niche-specific tools, but they frequently realize that the software is not quite easy to use and has much to desire in terms of flexibility, affordability and functionality. Thus, it makes sense to review the main alternatives you can switch to, if you are not satisfied with the Showit website builder for some reason. Among the most popular and feature-rich platforms, it is reasonable to mention WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and Divi. You have definitely heard about them, even if you are not an industry pro and each of these tools is certainly worth your attention.

As mentioned above, Showit use implies WordPress compatibility, although, not all the software plugins and integrations work well for the website builder. However, if you intend to set up a blog, WordPress allows doing that with no deep coding proficiency. You can pick and customize any WP blog template in the Showit editor and even connect it to your WP account, if any. Furthermore, the website builder currently allows migrating WordPress and Squarespace blogs to the system. So, if you manage to explore and master this process, you will be able to switch to the CMS anytime to avail more advanced functionality and design customization options.

As to Squarespace, it is similar to Showit in terms of the general approach to the website editing process (read our Showit vs Squarespace comparison). Both systems come with drag-and-drop editors and both of them have nice collections of responsive designs. The only thing is that Showit is still more focused on the photography niche, while Squarespace is the all-in-one website builder. Thus, Squarespace can be a worthy substitute to Showit, if you expect to avail deeper flexibility, professional web design approach and opportunity to run other types of websites except for photography projects.

One of the best Showit competitors is undoubtedly Wix (read the comparison). As a world-renowned website builder, it has much to offer to users, who intend to switch between the platforms. Along with extensive blogging, eCommerce, business and marketing opportunities, it offers two website editing options – Standard and Wix ADI. Whatever design skills and experience you have, you will certainly appreciate the advanced simplicity of the system that does not compromise with high end functionality. Wix does not limit its design customization options to the creation of portfolio/photography websites only. Instead, it allows starting all types of websites for beginners and industry pros, offering two subscription packages intended for standard and eCommerce use.


Showit is a website builder that initially serves the needs of professional photographers. It might be a good solution for experienced pros who already have a solid customer base and want to bring their professional portfolio to a new level. Beginners may find the platform a bit too complex in terms of pricing policy and some editing features. This is not to mention that the available Showit toolset and features are restricted by the primary specialization of the software. Moreover, the plans are too expensive for ordinary users, especially if compared to other platforms of the same type.

Although the software positions itself as the website builder for entrepreneurs and small business owners, you’d rather not use it for these particular purposes. Showit certainly lacks eCommerce and promotion features. This is where Wix, Squarespace, WordPress or Divi might be better and cheaper alternatives.