ZOWIE ZA12-C Review – ProSettings.net

People who have never tried the ZOWIE ZA line might be inclined to think that it’s just an FK with a thicker booty, but that isn’t the case if you ask me. Some small millimeter changes can make a huge difference in how a mouse feels, and the ZA definitely feels like its very own entity rather than some iteration on another shape.

What you get here is a mouse with a rather pronounced back hump, a thin (when compared to the rest of the mouse) grip width, and buttons that sit extremely close to the surface that you’ve put your mouse on. This all results in a gripping sensation that’s quite unlike any other popular mouse at this moment, and I have to say that I love it. Speaking as someone who likes to have palm support (I use a claw-dominant grip these days, and my hands are 18×10.5 centimeters) but also likes a thin grip portion (or an indent on the left like on ergo designs) and low main buttons rather than raised ones, this is a shape that really speaks to me.

It feels like it marries the more precise control that you get out of small, nimble and neutral mice (due to the thinner grip width and low main buttons) with the more stable feeling of larger, more filling designs (due to the hump at the back) and it all works together fantastically. This mix isn’t something that’s easy to come by; a lot of mice try to make this aforementioned marriage work, but few actually succeed, and even though shape preference is something that’s deeply personal it’s hard to argue with the fact that this is yet another great design by ZOWIE. It’s of course not a new one, but it is almost criminally underrated if you ask me.

The coating on the ZA12-C is ZOWIE’s standard black matte coating, and sadly I’m less positive about this aspect than I am about the shape of the ZA. ZOWIE’s coatings have changed a bit over the years, but they all have one thing in common: they’re absolute fingerprint magnets, and that’s no different now. There were no grip or performance issues at any point for me personally, but I just don’t like the feeling of coatings that don’t handle sweat and oils properly because I am someone who tends to get sweaty hands when gaming. It’s merely a comfort/feeling issue, but I would still love to see ZOWIE take a look at the coating of their mice.

On the bottom of the mouse you’ll find two large feet, along with one ring around the sensor. These feet initially felt a little bit scratchy on certain pads (such as the G-SR-SE and the VAXEE PA), though this feeling disappeared after breaking the skates in for a couple of hours. They’re not extremely slick feet, which is something that I like, as I prefer a more controlled glide over a super speedy one. It’s worth noting that ZOWIE sells speed skates separately if you’re after a faster glide, so there’s no need to worry if you’ve got a need for speed. You will have to pay a bit extra though, as ZOWIE doesn’t sell their mice with the speed skates on it by default.